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C++ tidbits

//author : apprentice @ kjx.cz

Canonical main() signature

Main() function signature for language lawyers, const nazzis and general nitpickers.
[ enlightenment ]

Private backdoor

Presenting minimalistic ISO/EIC 14882 compliant way how to bypass access specifier and get to private members from out-of-the-class scope.
[ explanation of the hack ]

Ode to local types

Simple idea based on this unassuming feature.
[ explanation of possible application ]

Emulating std::experimental::optional in C++03

Tiny utility for adding extra value to value types.
[ commented source code and design rationale ]

Restricted & TStaticPredicate

Type utilities for reusing existing value types with set of possible values restricted by predicates.
[ commented source code and design rationale ]

Vexing parses

Lesser known cousin of The most vexing parse under spotlight. Should better be not taken lightly in C++03.
[ standard quotations with examples and explanations ]